Survey on participation in the creation of medical guidelines


Medical guidelines are intended to support and facilitate decision-making about the procedure and the next steps, especially in diagnostics and therapy. They are intended to provide information about the existing evidence, reflect expert assessments, but also clarify remaining uncertainties. To do this, they should also list, cite and classify relevant existing publications.

The creation of medical guidelines requires a lot of work for everyone involved, which is usually not immediately rewarded and the benefits of which cannot always be clearly and clearly measured.

Against this background, the following survey aims to investigate what motivates or discourages experts from participating in the creation of guidelines.

What were your reasons for participating in the creation of a medical guideline or for rejecting it? What advantages do you see in working together and what hurdles do you see? What forms of support would you like, what recognition and reward for performance do you consider to be realistic and appropriate? And what do you know about whether publications in which you were involved were included in guidelines and cited?

Answering the questions will take around ten minutes and will take place without the names and contact details of the survey participants being collected. The survey was carried out by the German Center for University and Science Research in Hanover ( together with Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Herrmann-Lingen from Göttingen, member of the executive board of the AWMF ( prepared.

We also have one to help Overview of the subject groups that will be used in this project, so that you can hopefully easily assign your focus areas.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact one of the project staff using the following contact details

Dr. Susanne In der Smitten


Tel. +49 511 450670-350

Fax +49 511 450670-960

German Center for University and Science Research GmbH (DZHW)

Long arbor 12

30159 Hanover

We would like to thank you very much for your participation!

There are 23 questions in this survey.

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