Financing should be secured and reorganized

Financing should be secured and reorganized



Mainz Complete and sufficient financing of further medical training should be demanded from those responsible for politics. The 128th German Medical Association in Mainz demands that, in addition to the medical work of the trainees, the additional costs are also adequately financed.

The remuneration in outpatient employment must be similar to salaries in inpatient areas. The financing for this must be guaranteed; for example, financial support in accordance with Section 75a SGB V could be significantly expanded.

The delegates to the 127th German Doctors’ Day in Essen decided to deal with the issue of financial support for further training. The representative assembly of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) had also asked its board to submit corresponding suggestions for the Doctors’ Day. However, this was not implemented last Monday at the representatives’ meeting in the run-up to the Doctors’ Day, as the KBV’s internal discussion on this was still ongoing, as it was said.

The delegates to the Doctors’ Day followed the board’s suggestions, but criticized the lack of an answer to the crucial question: the fundamental question of where the money to finance further training should come from was not discussed. We should jump over our shadows here and formulate clear demands, says Julian Veelken from the Berlin Chamber (KB). Jrg Ulf Wegner from Thringen also asked where the money would come from. Gisbert Voigt from Lower Saxony called for a nationwide training fund.

Other delegates warned that financing through tax revenue or health insurance funds would also increase interest in influencing further training. Henrik Herrmann, co-chairman of the Working Group on Fundamental Questions on Financing Continuing Medical Education, emphasized that the committees were continuing to work on proposals on the financing issue. They now want to explore the proposals in the political sphere. The funds for outpatient further training from paragraph 75a are not the only solution. The second chairwoman of the committee, Christine Neumann-Grutzeck, also emphasized that the intensive work was only the start of new ideas.

As part of the debate about the financing of further training, two proposals to improve support for maternity and parental leave were also approved. The delegates are calling on the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) to create the legal framework for structural support for doctors in further training, especially if they need support during pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenthood and other family care work.

In addition, the legislature and partners in self-administration were called upon to specify the requirements for the funding of further training in accordance with Section 75a SGB V in such a way that funding also takes place during maternity leave without being counted towards the maximum funding period.”

In addition, it should be ensured that the continuation of funding after the interruption due to parental leave is guaranteed from the time further training is resumed and that sufficient funds are made available without having to carry out a new application process, write the applicants. A lot of bureaucracy can be saved here, as you have to fill out an application of 25 pages, explained Annette Luther from the Bavarian State Medical Association (BLK). © bee/

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