FDP parliamentary group wants to restrict right to strike

FDP parliamentary group wants to restrict right to strike



Munich – The FDP parliamentary group wants to South German Newspaper According to the newspaper, the parliamentary group adopted a position paper calling for rules for strikes in sectors of the so-called critical infrastructure.

They should therefore apply to the railways, air traffic, health and care, daycare centers, fire services and garbage collection. According to the Liberals’ wishes, strikes in these areas should in future be announced at least three days in advance.

In addition, emergency operations of at least 50 percent must be maintained and warning strikes may last a maximum of four hours. According to the paper, an attempt at mediation should also be mandatory as soon as the employers or unions request it. These rules should be able to be changed in collective agreements.

The portal Table.Media recently reported on the FDP faction’s plans when the proposal was being voted on internally within the faction. Trade unions, the SPD and the Greens reject the FDP proposal. © afp/aerzteblatt.de

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